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Water Safety New Zealand

Comprehensive Resources

We develop innovative, and understandable resources with our partners to help keep New Zealanders safe in, on and around the water.

Learn how to protect yourself and your whanau by checking out our six simple resources below. 

Handy Resources


Water Safety Code

The Water Safety Code consists of four simple rules to remember each time you venture near the water. It serves as a great starting point for planning a safe aquatic adventure. 



Know the water safety code when you're at the beach. Be prepared including being alert to the conditions, Watch out for yourself and others, Be aware of the dangers such as rips and Know your limits. If you're at a patrolled beach, always swim between the flags.



Most underwater drownings happen while kai gathering in water less than 1m deep. Learn how to be prepared and stay alive.



Always check the weather, understand local conditions change and be prepared to contact someone for help with a radio and phone.



Water is an important part of who we are, it's part of our tikanga. Learn how to keep your whanau safe in the water this summer.


Water Skills for Life

Giving children the skills and knowledge they need to assess risk and make smart decisions around water.

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