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Water Safety New Zealand

Predictive Modelling Warns: Worst Year for Drowning this Century.

Don't be that guy


To lead a step change in New Zealand so people don’t drown

Through leadership, advocacy and education, Water Safety New Zealand works with water safety sector organisations, individuals and the public to reduce the incidence of drowning and injury in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Sector Leadership

Wai Ora Aotearoa

Wai Ora Aotearoa the New Zealand Water Safety Sector Strategy 2025 represents the sector’s collective approach to saving lives.

Latest News

94 lives lost to drowning in 2022. The most drowning deaths in a decade.


This 2022 total of 94 drowning deaths represents the largest annual drowning loss of life in the past decade. Tragically 15% higher than the 10 year average.

Calling on government to make urgent changes to life jacket legislation.


Since Water Safety New Zealand last contacted the minister in August there have been another 16 drownings. 10 of these occurred on boats and may have been prevented by wearing a lifejacket.

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you or someone you know will drown this summer. Around 30 Kiwis, mostly male, will die over the next two months through drowning.


Open letter to all the guys that might not make it through the summer.

Predictive Modelling Warns: Worst Year for Drowning this Century.


Water Safety New Zealand Highlights Grim Forecast as Water Safety Awareness Month Begins

For all New Zealanders

Our family of websites

Our work contributes to the reduction in drownings and to a thriving society for individuals, families and communities.


Water Skills for Life

Water Skills for Life is the national standard for aquatic education in New Zealand primary schools. It is linked into the national education curriculum and gives children the skills and knowledge they need to assess risks and make smart decisions around water.


Kia Maanu Kia Ora

Wai is central to Māori identity, health and wellbeing and is considered a taonga (treasure). Kia Maana Kia Ora is all about water safety skills training and information.


Water Safety for Little People

Under5 was created by Water Safety New Zealand to give you the tools to keep your child safe. Whether it be in, on or around water both in the home, in the community or out in the environment.

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